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Real Sports

Soccer apologists are confused that soccer is a sport. This page should correct that fallacy.

A sport is defined by dictionary.com as a "physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively."

Soccer is not a physical activity, because it does not use the entirety of the body. It could be considered a physical activity by an amputee who lost both arms. Until soccer finally tests a person's upper torso, it is not a physical activity. Would you consider someone to be physically attractive if their upper torso was extremely ugly? No.

As we've seen, soccer is not governed by rules, but rather by corruption. How long is a soccer game? It depends on the whim of a referee, depending on how much money he has bet.

Soccer is not engaged in competitively. As we've seen, most soccer games end in ties. Both teams lose.

Thus, soccer is not a sport. It is an activity. However, as we've seen, it is an activity that has dreadful consequences on culture, inciting fascism, violence and perversion. Moreover, it appeals to the downtrodden, below-average, dimwitted, collectivists and racists. One aspect of therapy to cure the soccer fan's disease is to advance where she can realize what a sport actually is, and then become a fan of a sport. When one considers soccer as a sport, she is only evading reality - essentially creating a fantasy world. While curing this form of psychosis is outside my considerable skills, helping with the therapy is not. Below are real sports where the soccer fan can observe real sports and begin to identify them as real sports.

Football LAVAR!!!!!!11






Aussie Rules




A large part of the mission soccersucks.net is to cure soccer fans from their disease. We provide informative links on how to wean oneself from soccer. We offer soccer fans access to real sports, so they may discover athleticism and competition.